The Game

Published on 23 June 2024 at 10:14

The beautiful game I’m in always starts with a Burning Desire, and only ends when the flame starts to flicker, whether through success or failure, or when I call quits on it, and that’s not going to happen.

Do you want to play?

You start, by yourself, with a thought that appears from nowhere, and won’t go away, and you write it down, or type it up, on a page that’s always open, that can’t be erased or deleted, and it only matters to you, and maybe it’ll matter enough for you to dare, to find something new in yourself.

Everyone has their own thought, we are each unique, yet each starts with two simple words - I WANT- and if yours calls you loudly, and often, if it feels like a quest you can’t walk away from, if simply trying to make it happen could only make you someone better, then this Burning Desire is your entry point, and your game has begun.

Then you begin to understand what this new desire will demand from you, and begin to fill the page with a list of what you’ll need to learn and what you’ll need to do to make this idea become a reality, and how long it will take, and realise this is a new journey, and start to chart its path, and before you know it you’ll have The Plan, and shivers down your spine, and a decision to make.

You’ll be standing alone, but where so many have stood, hopeful and excited, yet scared and wondering, can I do this, dare I, knowing the next move will take you deep in the game, and you might just find a boldness within yourself and begin, and you’ve crossed the Line of Commitment, and the fear falls away as you work through your plan, doing what needs to be done, one step at a time.

In this part of the game, challenges come thick and fast, obstacles appear you could never have imagined, but you don’t mind, the game is your life now, and there’s no looking back, doing everything you can, battling the odds, and just when you think you can’t go on, the Angels Appear, without wings, but offering help, pointing you in the right direction, lifting you up, believing in you so you can believe in yourself, and on you go.

The Change awaits, a moment of realisation that you are not the same as you were, but better, though others, even loved ones, might think you worse, but now the game you began is your life, a new life, and whatever it takes you can bear it, and you start to glimpse your future, and feel like you’ve never felt before, happy because you are doing what you wanted to do, starting to achieve what you wanted to achieve, led by your own desire.

Now a Solo Trip awaits you, an ultimate challenge you must face alone, albeit with some by your side, cheering you on, a chance to complete your quest, a decision to make, a moment to stand tall and simply trust in yourself.

If you’re lucky, because like all games there is luck involved, you’ll get The Break, a pass to hyper speed forwards, to complete your plan, the moment of achievement you’ve craved for so long, to arrive home a hero, with a smile on your face no one has seen before.

The game’s not done yet, there is celebration, marking the moment of success, and some healing and maybe even a little bit of rest, a holiday perhaps, a new you in a different place.

And, sat on a beach somewhere, smoking a big cigar, maybe a new thought pops into your head, a new journey occurs to you, and maybe a new game begins.

Are you sure you want to play?

Dear Reader, enter the game, I double dare you!



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