Hands Up…

Published on 26 May 2024 at 00:15

…if you ever missed a target, forgot to make the call you really needed to make, overslept, woke up in the wrong town, did something stupid, were late to a meeting you were running, made an excuse, were rude when you could have been kind, let someone down, drank too much, took drugs to get through a gig, ran out of money, were mean, shouted at someone who didn’t deserve it, who does, didn’t dare to speak up or stand up, let yourself down, let yourself go, stopped seeing the good, were jealous, made an unkept promise, didn’t walk on the beach when you could have, buried your head in the sand, bore a grudge, laughed at misfortune, didn’t help, didn’t love, didn’t give, forgot what mattered, went home with the wrong person, had a bad day or week or month or year, threw your wedding ring in the ocean, refused to smash your favourite bloody cup, wrote the answers on your wrist and got caught, found yourself wanting, loved things and stuff way too much, didn’t love people enough, blamed someone when really it was you, didn’t go to the wedding, was late to one of your own, said you would break someone’s leg and actually did, talked to yourself at a silent retreat, flirted with the woman behind the till, forgot to look up, forgot but didn’t forgive, didn’t say thank you, lost your way, lost the plot, lost your friends, lost everything, and then, yes you did, ate the last Rolo.

Are your hands up, Dear Reader?

You’re ok, much better than that actually, you’re human, you’re good, just keep on, one day at a time if you have to, just keep giving what you’ve got, and, so long as you put your hand up, with a smile, albeit rueful, and you believe they landed on the moon, Dear Reader, know this, I’ve got your back.

With love. X

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