What I Say When I’m Asked About Motivation

Published on 13 April 2024 at 18:50


Even though I sometimes am, I hardly ever tell anyone I’m a magician, because they just ask to see a trick and although I would normally show them one at the drop of a hat with a rabbit in, because they’ve asked, I really don’t want to, contrary me!


Then again, if I tell them I’m a coach, or a writer of books, an author, both of which I am, people just say nothing, and that’s worse than anything.


If I say I talk about motivation, for a living, and as a calling, and have done most of my life, happily, people usually say, ‘I could do with some of that!’, and I say one or two, or three things, as a rule.


Well’ I say, ‘luckily you already have a bit of motivation, you need it just to get up in the morning and get on with your life, and it’s always there, like a little fire within, and if you want it to burst into a roaring flame, there are just a couple of simple and difficult, brave things you need to do.’


By now, I’m normally on my feet, a silver Morgan dollar coin appearing and disappearing at my fingertips, as if anything might just be possible, and because I’m just ever so slightly, a little bit showy, and old habits take over.


‘Firstly’ I continue, the coin gone now, for good, ‘you need to know, and this is tough, that your motivation is probably the most important thing you have, and is entirely down to you, it is only in your gift to yourself, can only come from within, so look to yourself, no one else.’


‘And’ I continue quickly, because no one really likes to be told to take responsibility, ‘you need to do something that hardly anyone does, it’s unusual, to say the least, and sometimes it’s as easy as eating cake, but sometimes it’s not.’


Then I stop, but if they ask, ‘What is it, what do I need to do?’ then I surely say.


‘Well, you need to ask yourself a question that only you can answer, and even then you may not be able to, not straight off the bat, it could take a lot of thinking and more, but if you come up with the answer it will make all the difference, and it will change your life, just like that.’


Then I pause, just for the drama of it.


‘The question to ask yourself is, What do I want? and it could be anything, something little or big, or anywhere in between, and if your answer is truthful, and it sends shivers down your spine and makes you think, yes, that’s it, then you’ve lit your fire, and you’re most of the way to motivation.’


Then, if they still want more, I say, quietly.


‘Of course, the final part, once you know what you want, is to do something about it. Take some action, bold if you dare, but even a tiny, baby, hesitant step will lift you up, raise you in your own eyes, because you know now not only you can do it, you are actually doing it. You are motivated, big style, and you’ll feel the difference in yourself, step by step.’


‘And that’s it, really, apart from one last thing, that you probably don’t need, but it sure as hell helps, and everyone secretly hopes for.’


Sure as the sun always rises, some will ask, maybe even you, Dear Reader, ‘What is it?’ and in a flash, with a twinkle and a smile, I say…


‘Love and good fortune’

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