The Healer

Published on 30 March 2024 at 15:19

This is the first page of my new book, The Healer, be out in October 2024, it's an intro from 'the writer' character, Rich Wood...


Los Angeles


I was out in my back yard at just around 4.00am, naked, looking at the moon and the sun together in the sky, when I decided to write this story.


Actually it is not so much a story, more about when I met Jos and the time I spent with him, and what he said and some of the incredible things he did, and some of the healing sessions as well.


It is a while since all this happened, and I thought I would never write it.


When Jos went on TV and did the thing that ended with him having to disappear, everyone wanted to know about him. A lot of people wanted me to write this then, but I couldn’t do it, or didn’t anyway.


I disappeared too for a while, to a Greek island, and stayed too long and wrote a lot, but none of it about Jos.


He was like no-one else and like everyone I’ve ever met, all at the same time. He changed everything, for me and a lot of people. It feels now like we had to forget about him to be able to carry on in the world. That’s not quite right, because there is so much I’ll never forget, but some of it is too much. It didn’t make sense and some of it still doesn’t, it is just that I know now that not everything always adds up, and that is ok.


Anyway, about why I decided to write this now. It was seeing the moon and sun in the sky together that did it, made me remember something.


When I was a kid I watched the moon landing on TV, like everyone did in 1969, and I wanted to be Neil Armstrong so much it made me cry. Sometimes I hear people talking about it now, saying it never really happened, it was just a NASA con trick, and I just can’t listen to them. I was a kid, and people walked on the moon and I understood what we are capable of and it changed my world. The next time something happened like that was when I met Jos.


So, out there, naked in my garden looking up at the sky, I remembered something Jos said, and realised he wanted me to write about him, the things he said and did, to pass it on. That was the point, and why we met.


He must have known he would have to disappear after the TV thing, and that’s why he told me so much, and made me write it down, and showed me all the things he could do.


Mostly I write for myself, but this is different. Jos’s story is for him, because he didn’t know how to tell it, and for you, so long as you believe Armstrong and all the others walked on the moon.


Rich Wood, 2023

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